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More Telecom offers a range of business phone system solutions for businesses small, medium and large in today's NBN world.

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Perfect for businesses using 1 to 20 phones. Also suitable for use with SHDSL/Business Ethernet and ADSL2+ broadband.

Whether you are looking for a brand new NBN ready office phone system or looking to upgrade or change your existing system, we are here to help!

With the rollout of the NBN gathering pace, businesses in Melbourne & all across Australia must consider what they will do with their phone system when the NBN rolls through their area. When NBN becomes live in an area, the old traditional phone lines will become obsolete and replaced with a high speed Internet service. In order to make voice calls over the high speed Internet service businesses must transition to VOIP technologies where voice calls are carried over the Internet. There are a number of solutions available for businesses to operate phone systems using VOIP technology over the NBN. These include:

  • Utilising a Hosted PBX solution with IP handsets
  • Using SIP Trunk technology in an existing telephone system
  • Using analogue telephone adapters plugging into your existing phone system

More Telecom is experienced in assisting small and medium businesses with the transition to these new technologies. For businesses yet to be effected by the NBN rollout we also support traditional phone systems. We have technicians across the country that can assist with office phone system installations. In the case of Hosted PBX, all handsets are pre-configured and shipped. All that is required is plugging them into a live Internet connection and the phones will register themselves and be ready for use.

What is a business phone system and what can it do for my business?

A phone system allows you to professionally manage how calls are answered and made to and from your business. With the improvements in Internet technologies office phone systems have come a long way in recent times. Traditionally office phone systems would be connected to copper phone lines that run into a business. A business would need 1 line per concurrent call that they would like to make and receive. Later advances in technology saw the introduction of ISDN services and consequently ISDN phone systems. ISDN provides digital channels that are used to carry telephone calls. ISDN provides greater flexibility on how calls are made and received and allows for multiple calls to be received on the same number.

The age of Internet based telephone systems, or Hosted PBX provides even great flexibility. The term Hosted PBX phone system (private branch exchange) refers to the phone system being hosted elsewhere, not in the business. With this comes a lot of benefits. fr details of these please see our Hosted PBX phone system page.

Some of the key benefits of an office phone system would include call transfer and call hold. These features have been around since the early days of phone systems and they call calls to be transferred from one phone to another, or placed on hold. With today's technology this can now include transferring calls between different offices in different town, cities or even countries.

Now available in Brisbane!

Business phone system options using VOIP and the NBN


Using a Hosted PBX solution with new IP handsets


Using SIP Trunk technology with an existing phone system


Using analogue adapters with an existing phone system

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  • NBN Business Phone System Bundles

    NBN Phone and Broadband Bundles

    Unlimited NBN Data; 4G Backup Included;"Instant On" using 4G Backup;NBN Ready Phone Included (RRP $249); NBN Wifi Modem Included (RRP $279); Unlimited Local and National Calls; Included Phone Line Rental;Free Standard Connection

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  • Hosted PBX Phone System

    Affordable cloud-based IP Phone System

    Advanced PBX functionality;Call queuing facilities;Call recording;Call reporting;Range of handsets;No upfront costs

    $29.90 /user/mth

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  • Business SIP Trunking

    Business SIP Trunking

    NBN Ready;Business Grade Voice;Low Channel Cost;Low Call Costs

    plans from
    $39.95 /mth

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  • ADSL Phone Bundles

    ADSL & Phone Business Bundles

    Range Of Bundles;Mix and Match Landline Plans;500GB Business ADSL Included;Choose Included Calls;Business Line Rental Included

    $91.90 /mth

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  • Business Phone Lines

    Business Phone Lines

    Traditional business phone lines;Use existing technology;Included calls plans;Mix and match plans;Fast and easy connection

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