Standard Speed


    Typical Business Hours Speeds 23Mbps

    • 4G SIM Backup* Included
    • "Instant On" using 4G Backup*
    • NBN Modem Included (RRP $279)
    • Static IP Address
    • Free Standard Connection
    • 7 Day Technical Support

    $89.90 per month

    ($2,172.55 over 24 months inc $14.95 P&H)

    Order Enquire Critical Information Summary Key Facts Sheet: NBN Services

    XL Speedboost


    Typical Business Hours Speeds 45Mbps

    • 4G SIM Backup* Included
    • "Instant On" using 4G Backup*
    • NBN Modem Included (RRP $279)
    • Static IP Address
    • Free Standard Connection
    • 7 Day Technical Support

    $99.90 per month

    ($2,412.55 over 24 months inc $14.95 P&H)

    Order Enquire Critical Information Summary Key Facts Sheet: NBN Services

    XXL Speedboost


    Typical Business Hours Speeds 92Mbps

    • 4G SIM Backup* Included
    • "Instant On" using 4G Backup*
    • NBN Modem Included (RRP $279)
    • Static IP Address
    • Free Standard Connection
    • 7 Day Technical Support

    $119.90 per month

    ($2,877.60 over 24 months inc $14.95 P&H)

    Order Enquire Critical Information Summary Key Facts Sheet: NBN Services

    *Optus mobile coverage is required at your location in order to use our "Instant On" and 4G SIM backup facility. You can check this coverage here.
    Maximum data speeds of 12/12Mbps apply to these 4G services. A maximum of 200Gb of mobile data can be used in a calendar month.

    nbn business plan features explained

    4G SIM Backup Included

    We provide a 4G backup facility with your NBN service. This means in the unlikely event of an NBN outage in your area, your phones and internet will continue to work over the 4G mobile network. Maximum speeds during 4G backup times are 12/12Mbps. Please note that your More Telecom static IP will not be available during backup times.

    "Instant On" using 4G Backup

    Our "Instant On" facility allows you to be up and running quickly and efficiently without the need to wait for NBN to connect your property. With the use of our 4G Backup Service you can start using the internet straight away. As soon as NBN is ready at your property, simply connect NBN to the same modem and make use of our unlimited business NBN plan. Please note that maximum speeds of 12/12Mbps apply to our "Instant On" facility and a maximum of 200Gb can be consumed in a calendar month.

    Static IP address included

    It is important for many businesses that the IP address of their Internet connection is fixed and does not change. All our NBN business plans come with a static IP address included. The IP address is like the street address of your Internet connection, and if you have any remote computers that need to access your Internet connection then a static IP address is required. This would include business mail servers, on site CRM systems and servers, as well as CCTV and VPN services.

    Unlimited Data

    All of our business NBN plans have unlimited data. That means you can use the service as much as you want day and night with no chance of being slowed or incurring excess charges.

    Anytime data

    Your monthly NBN data allowance can be used at any time with no restriction. Some providers only allow you to use part of your data allowance during the day and the remainder must be used at night. Our business NBN plans allow you to use your data when you want.

    Free connection on 24 months

    We offer free connection to the NBN with standard installation on all 24 month plans. Depending on how your property is serviced by the NBN you may or may not require a site appointment to get connected to the NBN. If you do not already have the NBN and your business is serviced by FTTP (Fibre to the premises) then an NBN installer will need to attend your premises to complete the installation. If your business is serviced by FTTB (fibre to the basement) or FTTN (fibre to the node) then the connection actually takes place in your street or basement. You will be able to complete the onsite installation yourself using one of our certified routers. We’ll provide full information on how your business premises will be connected to the NBN during an enquiry or order.

    Free modem on 24 months

    With all of our 24 month business NBN plans we provide an NBN ready router free of charge. The delivery method of NBN to your business premises will determine which NBN ready router we will despatch. For FTTP (fibre to the premises) and Fixed Wireless NBN service we will despatch a pre-configured Netcomm Wireless NF5 router. This comes with a VOICE port for NBN Voice. For FTTB (fibre to the basement) and FTTN (fibre to the node) we will despatch an Audiocodes device. Further details of this device can be obtained from our sales team.

    7 day technical support

    We have a dedicated team of NBN technical support staff who are available every day of the week and during extended business hours Monday to Friday. They are available should you have any difficulties with your service. We offer 7 day fault reporting to the carriers to ensure that if there is a problem with the NBN network, that it is resolved as quickly as possible. The team can also assist with router configuration and wireless troubleshooting.

    Additional IP address services and reverse DNS

    If you require additional IP addresses on your business NBN service, this can be accommodated. Additional routed subnets can be assigned to your service. A reverse DNS can be set up on your service also. Charges may apply. We can provide a quote for additional IP services depending on your requirements.

    Standard and Premium bandwidth options

    Our unlimited plans give you the option of standard business bandwidth or premium business bandwidth. This means we can offer great prices for unlimited business grade NBN and offer a premium option for those who want the best of the best. You can move between standard or premium up to once per month with no change charge.

    What is the NBN?

    The NBN is Australia’s new broadband network and it will provide high speed Internet to every Australian. nbnTM is the company responsible for construction of the new network and they plan to complete construction by 2020. As the new network rolls out across Australia, traditional telephone and Internet services will be decommissioned. This means that everyone wanting to continue to have a fixed line phone or Internet service must get connected to the NBN.

    Benefits of NBN for business

    Faster internet speeds - NBN allows for far greater Internet speeds to be delivered to your business. With traditional ADSL you are limited by the distance a business is from the telephone exchange. Through the use of mixed technologies nbnTM reduces this limitation.

    Great for cloud services - If your business makes use of any cloud services, then the faster speeds available on NBN allow for dramatic performance improvements to be experienced when using a cloud based service.

    Great for business grade VOIP – the increased bandwidth and speed available on an NBN connection means that a business can happily run VOIP telephone services over the Internet connection. In order to use VOIP effectively a good quality Internet connection is required. With NBN you get just that! This means that traditional line rental is a thing of the past and massive savings can be provided compared to old fashioned landline phone services.

    Great for CCTV and video conferencing – the additional bandwidth means that you can run more services over your business Internet connection without exhausting the speed that you may have. CCTV and other video services can be broadcast using your Internet connection.

    Server Hosting – With the increased uploads speeds that are available on a business grade NBN service this allows a business to host on site servers and mail servers. When remote users connect to this they utilise the higher upload speeds that are available on the NBN connection. This allows for dramatically improved performance compared to a traditional ADSL service.

    How is the NBN delivered?

    nbnTM use a number of methods to deliver the NBN service to your business. These include:

    1. FTTP (fibre to the premises) – this is where fibre optic cable is connected to your business and used to deliver high speed broadband.
    2. FTTN (fibre to the node) – this will eventually be the most common method of delivery and is where fibre optic cable is connected to your street. The final connection to your business will then be delivered using the existing copper cabling that runs to your business premises.
    3. FTTB (fibre to the basement) – this is where fibre optic is connected to the basement of your building and the existing copper cabling in the building is used to connect you to the basement.
    4. Fixed Wireless – this is where you connect to the NBN using a receiver on the side of your business premises. This connects to a tower using a wireless signal. This is generally used in smaller towns and villages.
    5. HFC - this is where NBN utilise the existing cable networks that are in place around the country. A technician will generally attend to complete the connection.
    6. Satellite – in more remote areas of Australia a satellite will be used to connect you to the NBN.

    How do I get connected?

    To get connected you must check whether NBN has been built and is ready in your local area. You can do this easily using our NBN coverage checking tool. After you have done this please send us an enquiry using the button below.

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