SAM Portal

A full end-to-end customer and service management solution

Introducing SAM, our new Services and Management Portal

In 2021 we've been proud to unveil our new & improved Services & Management Portal (SAM). SAM delivers a full customer and service management solution to our partners and wholesalers. We've taken what worked well with our old portal, made improvements where needed and added in some great new features to provide a more sophisticated user experience.

Building on our existing NBN wholesale agreement with Vocus Communications, the new business-grade wholesale platform enables More Telecom Voice & NBN services to be effectively and efficiently rolled out by our partners Australia-wide. SAM uses Ribbon SBCs (Session Boarder Controllers) in Sydney and Melbourne and integrates with Vocus' Carrier Voice Connect platform.

We're already supporting 100+ partners and 12 wholesale providers through the SAM portal, and look forward to delivering these services more widely. If you would like to get in touch with our team for more information about the SAM portal, or to discuss embarking on a sales partnership, please fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of the page.

A complete end-to-end customer and services management solution

All Voice provisioning and number management takes place within SAM. The full suite of platform features include:

  • White label supply of telecommunications including billing, payment gateway, service management & optional customer service and collections management
  • Highly-automated NBN end user onboarding, using the branding of the individudal partners
  • Account, order & case management
  • Invoice & payment management
  • Customer portal management
  • NBN Service Qualification with address lookup tools
  • Order all NBN, hosted voice & other telecommunication services, including NBN Enterprise Ethernet and TPG Fibre1000/400
  • Hardware ordering and dispatch
  • NBN online status, usage history, service details
  • NBN line diagnosis tools, including Loopback tests, Line Status, DSL Port Reset, Single End User test, and NTD Reset
  • Suspend/unsuspend services
  • Automated notifications of NBN planned outages
  • Service Calendar, so our partners can see what's coming up over the course of a day, week or month
  • Management reports, including Wholesale State of Play, Wholesale Invoicing, Margin By Product, Margin Summaries. Access to these reports is permission-based, so only the appropriate team members can see them.

The new SAM dashboard includes a graphic view of new accounts, cases, orders and activated products over the course of a day, week or month, as well as any unread alerts. 

The CRM section provides a complete end-to-end customer service and order management tool, dynamically displaying live data related to individual accounts. In this section you can manage and track accounts, orders and log and review support cases. On an account level, you can drill down to see financial details including account balance, statements, transaction history, and you can manage any direct debit payments. In the 'orders' section you can view the order type, status and order numbers, and the 'support' section allows you to see both open and resolved cases, providing a case type and status.

Order tracking SAM Portal

All Hosted PBX services are managed in SAM, including adding or editing licenses, devices and all other account details.

Hosted PBX

One of the great things about the new SAM portal is that all the resources you need to get people connected are in the one place. SAM has a built-in NBN Service Qualification tool, NBN line diagnosis tools, and an NBN planned outage calendar with automated notifications. It also has a service calendar to keep track of order, voice porting and fault site appointment dates across all of your accounts.

SAM service calendar

To find out more about the SAM portal, or to chat to our team about potential partnership opportunities, please fill out the enquiry form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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