More Telecom renews partnership with Telco Together Foundation

More Telecom renews partnership with Telco Together Foundation

​March 2016 sees More Telecom announce its renewed partnership with charitable organisation The Telco Together Foundation.

Now in its third year this partnership assists the charity in making a positive social change across Australia. 

The Telco Together Foundation is an organisation that enables telecommunication companies to make a social contribution to the wellbeing of Australians. This is done by leveraging telecommunication technologies as well as increasing social awareness and promoting fundraising throughout the industry.

“We are proud to continue our partnership with the Telco Together Foundation. We know that every dollar raised goes directly to helping those in need across Australia. This makes it a unique organisation as administration costs are absorbed by some of Australia’s largest telecommunication companies.” says More Telecoms CEO Andrew Branson.

He goes on to say, “This year we will be encouraging our valued customers to leave online reviews about More Telecom. For every review, good or bad, we will donate an additional $25 to the Telco Together Foundation.”

Telco Together supports a range of areas including mental health, homelessness, refugees and indigenous communities. 2017 sees them make the journey to Everest Base Camp for adventure seeking fundraisers.

To find out more about the Telco Together Foundation please see their website:

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