More Telecom backs the Telco Together Foundation

More Telecom backs the Telco Together Foundation

More Telecom is proud to announce that it is a contributing member of the telecoms industry charity, Telco Together.

The Telco Together Foundation drives positive social change by taking an active role in local community projects and through its work to create volunteering, fundraising and work place giving opportunities. 

The telecommunications industry is in a unique position in that it has a direct relationship with virtually every business and consumer in the country. This combined with strong annual revenues and access to cutting-edge technology provides an environment where socially responsible telco companies can make a real difference to Australians in need.

“We can see that the work being done by the Telco Together Foundation is helping communities and individuals across the country” said More Telecom Marketing Director, Richard Branson. 

“We take our social responsibility seriously and we’re excited by this opportunity to make a telling contribution and to get involved with a charity that’s doing so much good work.”

Programs that have been made possible through funds raised by Telco Together include a health promotion program for Indigenous children and a community sports program designed to encourage inclusion of local women. The foundation also helped generate 350 volunteers to help with the Tasmanian bushfires and then raised nearly $10,000 for the subsequent relief appeal. 

Telco Together draws on its association with the telecommunications industry and uses associated technology to help drive many of its projects. A great example is their Apps4Change campaign that aims to help Australian charities better understand the power of mobile technologies and how they can be used to raise funds and promote their causes. 

Branson was keen to highlight the importance that More Telecom places on its involvement with the foundation. “This is very much a long-term commitment for us and one that we’re hugely excited about. We have already started to plan ways in which we can help even further; one suggestion being the directors could represent the foundation in the Melbourne Marathon later this year” he said. 

More Telecom is very much in the race to help Australians in need and welcomes any support that might be forthcoming. To make a donation or for more information on the Telco Together Foundation visit their website ( or you can speak to a More Telecom representative on 1800 733 368. 

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