Benefits of NBN for Business

11 Jan 2016

The NBN is Australia’s new broadband network and the rollout is now in full swing. New and improved Internet services are coming online across Australia. With this comes some great benefits to business.

The nbnTM is the company responsible for building the new broadband network and they currently aim to complete the build by 2020. As it rolls out to business areas across Australia businesses will gain access to some great benefits.

Benefits of the NBN to business revolve around faster and more reliable Internet. The NBN will bring high speed Internet to all corners of Australia. This includes some areas that have never been able to access fast internet before!

NBN business benefits include:

- Having access to affordable high speed Internet wherever you are in Australia.
- Running effective cloud based computer services.
- Running effective business grade VOIP services using your business NBN Internet connection.
- Using video conferencing within the business – cut down on travel costs!
- Host on site servers.
- Utilise the additional bandwidth for on-site services like CCTV and POS systems.

You can check right now whether you can order a new business grade NBN service. See our coverage map.

More Telecom has a range of speeds available to suit your business requirement and budget. Now high speed Internet is available at a fraction of the cost that it may have been before NBN became available. Some high speeds business grade Internet plans would previously cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars per month.

Check out our NBN plans and start benefiting from these NBN business benefits today.



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Download your FREE Guide to the NBN

Download your FREE Guide to the NBN

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