What can you do with a Hosted PBX phone system?

What can you do with a Hosted PBX phone system?

More and more businesses in Australia are moving to a Hosted PBX phone system.

This is where the physical phone system is hosted in a data centre, and handsets positioned in the business connect to it over the Internet. With the age of Business NBN services in Australia, more businesses get access to faster Internet and can make the move to a hosted PBX system possible.

Moving to a Hosted PBX system gives some fantastic features and benefits that are not available with a more traditional phone system situated in a business. Some of these benefits include:

1. Remote configuration changes. Changes to the configuration of the Hosted PBX can be done remotely, without the need for a technician to attend the site.

2. Multi-site capacity. You can connect phones to the Internet anywhere in the world and be part of the same Hosted PBX phone system. This is great for multi-office businesses, or for users who want to work from home.

3. Low capital investment. By using the PBX that is hosted in the data centre, there is no need for expensive investment in an on-site phone system. There is just the cost of the handsets, and with the option of soft phone clients on computers, this can be minimised as well if users are willing to use their computer to make and receive calls.

4. High end functionality. All Hosted PBX systems come with a long list of features. Some of these include: Music on hold, voicemail to email, multi-site call transfer, external call transfer, auto attendant, teleconferencing, call groups, call forward.

5. High level of redundancy. If the internet goes down at a particular location, the phone system can continue to function. The data centre has redundant internet links and redundant power. Call can be routed to pre-defined numbers if some phones go offline.

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