Video streaming services now rife in Australia

Video streaming services now rife in Australia

With the new age of video content streaming it’s now more likely than not that a child aged 5 and under will never need to worry about what a CD, DVD or Video Cassette is.

2015 has seen the launch of a number of content streaming services that offer TV shows and Movies on demand via your Internet connection.

Australia’s Ezyflix and Quickflix have been around for a number of years, but this year’s launch of Stan and more recently Netflix has really turned up the heat in this market space. 

For those of you who have missed this in the news, you can use one of these streaming services to flood your Smart TV or smart device with video content from around the globe. Each provider is now battling to provide you the most content choice at the best price. All you need is a smart TV connected to the Internet, or another connected device to be able to access their world of content wherever you may go.

From a business perspective this is not good news for the traditional DVD rental shop. It is also a huge challenger for transitional Pay TV services like Foxtel who have until now had little competition. Users of video streaming services can choose what they want to watch and when to start it. No more ads or waiting for your favourite movie to start.

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