Need a cheaper alternative to Telstra DOT? More Telecom has it!

Need a cheaper alternative to Telstra DOT? More Telecom has it!

Over recent years Telstra has been pushing their Telstra DOT phone systems very hard. Often business owners don’t really understand what the Telstra DOT technology is and often run into difficulties after it has been installed.

Telstra DOT stands for Digital Office Technology. It is an Internet based telephone system and often delivered using a set of Cisco phones. Usually before a small business owner receives the phones they are unaware that the phones require the Internet to work.

More Telecom is often contacted by small business owners looking for a cheaper alternative to Telstra DOT. Common complaints of Telstra DOT is that it is expensive and doesn’t provide the call features that the small business owner needs. Telstra DOT has 30c flagfalls on all calls to mobile. In a modern business most calls are calls to mobile so this 30c flagfall charge quickly makes the business phone bill increase significantly!

More Telecom is able to recommend its own Hosted PBX solution. Calls are still carried over the Internet but the team at More Telecom ensure that sufficient Internet capacity is available to carry the calls. The More Telecom Hosted PBX solution brings with it a massive array of call features at no additional cost! This includes: line hunt, auto attendant, IVR, voicemail to email, call divert, calling groups, direct dial amongst a long list of others.

As an alternative to Telstra DOT More Telecom is able to customise the phone system to suit the business needs and requirements. Quick configuration changes can be managed by the More Telecom team. You can also take advantage of a no contract option when you purchase the handsets upfront. By saving on the Telstra DOT handset repayments and 30c flagfalls this means that More Telecom has a much cheaper alternative to Telstra DOT.

Check out the Hosted PBX page on our website or contact our sales team today and ask how we can help with an alternative to Telstra DOT technology.

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