More Telecom welcomes aboard customers of local ISP Well-Com

More Telecom welcomes aboard customers of local ISP Well-Com

Local ISP Well-Com, based in Wellington, NSW has recently transferred its customers to More Telecom to ensure future proof Internet solutions will be provided to its customers.

With the nbnTM rolling out in Wellington, NSW it was important that Well-Com was able to provide nbnTM services to it's customers. Graham Forsyth, owner and director of Well-Com states that "without enough customers to transfer to the nbnTM my upstream carrier simply will not give me access to the nbnTM ".  He goes on to say: "More Telecom makes customer service their top priority, and they have a call centre in Melbourne. Prices will stay the same and all data allowances will be increased."

Unfortunately, gaining access to nbnTM services has become a real challenge for many smaller providers across Australia. By transferring his customers' services to More Telecom, Graham was able to secure a great ongoing service at the same price whilst ensuring customers would be able to access nbnTM services in the future.

More Telecom commenced management of services and customers of Well-Com from 1st December 2015. Most customers have had their data allowance increased by up to 5 times to bring them inline with the competitive plans offered by More Telecom. In addition, many customers will see their ADSL1 speeds increased to ADSL2+ speeds at no additional charge.

All customers now also have access to a full range of telecommunications services, not just ADSL1 and ADSL2+ as previously supplied by Well-Com. These services include:

    • nbnTM fixed, nbnTM wireless & nbnTM FTTN
    • nbnTM voice services
    • Landline telephone services
    • 4G mobile services
    • Business grade virtual PBX systems
    • Business grade data services

Extended 7-day customer support is now available and customers can now make payment at a wider range of outlets around the country including Australia Post.

Richard Branson, Chief Information Officer at More Telecom welcomes aboard customers of Well-Com by saying "it's great to see the owner of Well-Com so keen to ensure that his customers have access to the latest technologies in today's nbnTM world. We have already seen customers start to take advantage of nbnTM services in their local area and many are bundling their landline services with their ADSL to reduce the number of monthly bills they receive each month".

He goes on to say "We are extremely well placed to help small ISPs like Well-Com manage their customers into a world where access to the nbnTM is key. In the case of Well-Com this involved moving customers to the More Telecom brand. Alternatively an ISP could continue marketing their existing brand and begin utilising More Telecom's wholesale carriage and white label billing and payment services. We have a highly experienced migration team that have now completed in excess of 25 ISP migrations in the last few years". 

If you are a Well-Com customer and have any questions about your service, or additional services that More Telecom can assist with; please don't hesitate to give us a call on 1800 733368 or make contact via our contact form.

If you are the owner of an ISP and are finding things difficult in today's nbnTM world see our Wholesale page and make contact to discuss the opportunities available to you.

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