More Telecom launches NBN Phone System Bundles

More Telecom launches NBN Phone System Bundles

These new bundles make it more affordable than ever to get your business ready for the NBN.

As the NBN is gradually rolled out across Australia businesses will need to ensure that they are ready for the changes that will need to take place for business phone and internet services.

NBN is Australia's new broadband network and businesses must make a choice of provider when the NBN comes to their area.

This month More Telecom launches some excited NBN phone system bundles that combine NBN ready business phones with an NBN broadband data plan. Some bundle plans offer up to 30% saving when compared to purchasing either the NBN business phones or NBN data plan individually.

Most businesses that operate in Australia will need to make changes to the way they use their phones and internet when the NBN becomes available in their area. For a lot of businesses the traditional copper telephone and internet services will cease to work, and business owners must make a decision on a retail service provider of the NBN. More Telecom has been connecting businesses to the NBN since it first launched. Since then we have assisted thousands of businesses to get on the NBN.

The NBN brings with it some great benefits for business. Mainly that internet speeds are dramatically faster on the NBN compared to traditional ADSL services. With this comes a vast array of benefits and opportunities for connecting to the rest of the world. Previously when using ADSL if the cable length from the telephone exchange to your business was more than 2 km, internet speeds would be very ordinary. With NBN there is a variety of delivery methods to ensure that speed can be provided to every business in Australia.

Our bundle plans all include an NBN modem and NBN ready business phones at no cost upfront. Also included is free standard connection to the NBN and unlimited local and national calls. You can include unlimited calls to mobile phones for an additional $20 per handset per month.

For full details of the bundle deals please see the dedicated page here.

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