More Telecom Launches Fibre1000 Services

More Telecom Launches Fibre1000 Services

More Telecom now offers business grade data services across the AAPT/TPG Fibre1000 national footprint.

This gives businesses access to 1 Gigabit bandwidth capacity across more than 120,000 business premises across Australia at a highly competitive price.

If a business is located outside the current Fibre1000 footprint, fibre build costs will be included where possible. AAPT/TPG are aggressively expanding their network, which is great news for Australian businesses looking for 1000Mbps/1000Mbps internet speeds.

The 1000Mbps connectivity can be allocated to a single service, ie. unlimited internet. Alternatively it can be split to a maximum of 4 services operating via the NTD. You can add, move or change these as required within the 1000Mbps of bandwidth. Other services may include IP/MPLS VPN, Ethernet VPN, E-Line, SIP Trunking or other 3rd party links – to say Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Technical support for this product is provided 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and is perfect for mission critical internet usage.

Plans start from $799 per month and available in a range of contract options.

Please complete our Fibre SQ check on our Business Fibre 1000 product page so we qualify your address and confirm if Fibre1000 is available to your property.

More Telecom is rated 4.3 out of 5 by 72 customers