Mobile phones given the all-clear

Mobile phones given the all-clear

The most comprehensive report to date on the health risks of using a mobile phone has been released. The findings suggest there is no evidence to link using a mobile phone with an increased risk of cancer.

The report was compiled by a British research team via The Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research (MTHR) programme. Beginning in 2007, the study has taken 11 years to complete. 

The overriding conclusion of the report is that there is nothing to “suggest that exposure to mobile phone signals is associated with an increased risk of cancer.”

The findings will go some way to allaying the fears of those concerned about the risks posed by mobile phones or their base stations. Residents living near stations have consistently  voiced their concerns over the possible health damage caused by the emmissions. 

However, those in the vicinity of the towers and those concerned with living in a world of mobile technology can sleep a little easier according to Professor David Coggon, Chairman of MTHR. 

“When the MTHR programme was first set up, there were many scientific uncertainties about possible health risks from mobile phones and related technology” he said.

“This independent programme is now complete, and despite exhaustive research, we have found no evidence of risks to health from the radio waves produced by mobile phones or their base stations.

“Thanks to the research conducted within the programme, we can now be much more confident about the safety of modern telecommunications systems.”

In 2011 the World Health Organisation advised that mobile phone users should limit their use where possible and take preventive measures against exposure to the radio wave emissions; these measures include using a hands free kit and sending an SMS instead of calling.

While some scepticism will remain, many will see this new study as justification for a more relaxed attitude towards mobile phone use in the future. 

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