Benefits of investing in a business grade Ethernet (SHDSL) service.

Benefits of investing in a business grade Ethernet (SHDSL) service.

With more and more business systems requiring a high speed Internet service the benefits of ordering a business grade Ethernet (SHDSL) service are becoming more and more apparent.

Business Grade Ethernet services utilise the existing copper network that is in place across Australia. This means that in areas where the nbnTM is still not available high speed Internet services can be provided. Instead of using just one copper line into a business like ADSL services do, Ethernet is provided using up to 8 copper pairs.

For businesses that are a distance from the local telephone exchange, business Ethernet services are extremely useful. With traditional ADSL services, the further you are from the telephone exchange the poorer the speed of ADSL will be available. Even though with business Ethernet this same limitation if apparent, the fact that up to 8 copper lines are used means that far greater speeds can be achieved the further you are from the exchange.

A key benefit of business Ethernet is that the upload and download speeds are symmetrical. With traditional ADSL the download speed is far greater than the upload speed. Our most popular business Ethernet speeds are 10M/10M or 20M/20M. This means that a business can upload files and documents far faster than a traditional ADSL service which generally have maximum speeds of 20M/1M.

Business Ethernet also provides a far more reliable Internet service. This is primarily because the service is delivered over multiple copper lines. This means that if an issue is experienced with one of the lines, the Internet continues to operate seamlessly across the remaining non effected lines.

Business Ethernet services with More Telecom are available with free installation within coverage areas. This makes it very appealing to install one of these services.

If cloud based IT services are being used in a business, a business Ethernet connection can dramatically improve performance. The high upload/download speed makes a big difference. If VOIP services are being used in a business, the introduction of an Ethernet connection can again provide massive improvements. When using VOIP services it is important that the Internet connection is capable of carrying the voice calls. Often it is the upload speed of an ADSL service that does not provide sufficient bandwidth. With the symmetrical speeds of an Ethernet service this is dramatically improved.


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