Australian internet still gathering pace

Australian internet still gathering pace

It would appear that the construction and roll out of the NBN can’t come quick enough for Australia after another mediocre performance in the global internet rankings.

The Akamai Q3 State of the Internet rankings, based on average internet connection speed, place Australia inside the top 50 but only just.

Australia found itself in 44th position with a recorded average connection speed of 6.9 Mbps.

Once again Hong Kong registered the fastest average peak connection speed at an impressive 84.6Mbps with Singapore not far behind at 83MBps. 

Other notable mentions go to Uruguay, who had the most impressive year-over-year improvement, and Japan for boasting the shortest average page load time for broadband at 1.43 seconds. In comparison, Australia’s average page load time for broadband was times at 4.23 seconds.

As the roll out of the NBN continues and more sites become connected we should see a marked improvement in Australia’s standings on the world stage when it comes to internet performance. 

Areas across Australia who are already connected to the NBN are reporting vast improvements in service performance with businesses in particular reaping the benefits.  

“We want to bring the NBN to as many Australian business and residential sites as we can and as quickly as we can”, said More Telecom’s Richard Branson.

“The benefits to the end user are huge. Right now it’s just about guiding our members through the process of getting connected and answering any questions along the way.”

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