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What is Business SIP Trunking

What is Business SIP Trunking

Connect to your existing telephone system.

SIP trunks allow you to make and received multiple calls on one number. This means that you can receive multiple calls on your advertised numbers without needing to pay for full line rental and line hunt charges.

Rather than having a full PSTN line to receive a concurrent call you can use SIP trunk VOIP channels to receive calls. Everyone in your office can make outbound calls using your advertised number and multiple customers can call in on the same number. You can increase and decrease the number of channels as you need to.

More Telecom business SIP trunks can connect to your existing phone system. As calls are carried over the Internet it means that this product is completely nbnTM ready. This means that when nbnTM comes to your area you can seamlessly migrate your voice services onto the nbnTM.

More Telecom SIP trunks come with clever call forwarding features that can be utilised for additional redundancy requirements.

Combine a business grade SIP trunk with a Business nbnTM or Business SHDSL service from More Telecom and receive one monthly invoice for Internet and Voice services.

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