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What is business Ethernet

What is business Ethernet

Business Ethernet Service Qualification

We must complete a qualification check to determine what service(s) can be delivered to your business. In order to complete this we require your business address and ideally a Telstra PSTN telephone number at the address. After this is performed we can advise what exchange your business is connected to and what business grade Internet services are available. We can also advise what guaranteed speeds are available. Please include your business address and telephone number when enquiring for a service and we can get the service qualification check done ahead of getting back to you.

Installation Requirements

There are a number of requirements to consider when ordering a business grade Ethernet service:

  1. There needs to be sufficient lead in capacity to your building to carry the business grade service. This is the amount of copper running into your building. If you are already using all available telephone lines then you may need to upgrade the lead in. We can provide advice on this. Note that this is not appliacble for a business grade service delivered by Telstra fibre.

  2. There must be sufficient capacity of copper in the street to deliver the business grade Internet service. The amount of copper in the street will not be investigated until the order has been submitted and progressed to service build. If there is a shortfall of copper capacity in the street this may lead to difficulties in delivering your business grade service. Note that this is not appliacble for a business grade service delivered by Telstra fibre.

  3. There must be sufficient internal cabling to carry the service from the MDF of your building to your communications rack where you want the business grade Ethernet to reside.

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