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What is a Hosted PBX Phone System

What is a Hosted PBX Phone System

Our Hosted PBX phone system has been engineered to provide the perfect combination of functionality, reliability & quality at the most affordable price available. Moving your phone system into the cloud enables you to simplify your communications and eliminate phone system maintenance worries.
Our Melbourne based support team provides our business clients with friendly, first class service if you ever need a hand with your phone system.
We also employ technicians across Australia should you need on-the-ground assistance.
Hosted PBX systems are ideal for businesses both large and small. They offer similar features and functionality of high end PBX phone system at a much lower cost. They are also completely scalable without additional expensive upgrade expenditure. You can start with 1 hosted PBX phone, and finish with 100 phones. You can also use the Hosted PBX phones at multi-site locations, and benefit from free calls between sites.
Optional Features
 - Call Forward
You can forward calls in a number of different ways. This includes call forward busy, call forward no answer, call forward immediate, call forward selected callers, call forward set the time. Note that additional charges apply for the forwarded calls.
- 3-Way Calling
Conference in an additional caller to an existing call. This is great for small teleconferences and discussions with multiple people.
- Call Control
Control what calls can be made from your business telephone line. You may wish to disable the ability to make certain calls, ie. International. you can then allow access to these calls via a PIN code.
Optional Features
- MessageBank
Allow customers to leave you a message when you are busy or away from the phone.
- Calling Number display
Find out who is calling you before you pick up. This is great for a range of business who want to offer a professional phone service.

- Line Hunt
When you have multiple phone lines, allow calls to roll to your second, third or forth line when your other lines are busy.
- Abbreviated Dialling
Speed up your business processes by programming speed dial numbers. This allows you to set commonly called numbers and abreviate the dialling to just a few keys.
- Multiple Number
Get a second business telephone number without a full additional line rental. A secondary ring tone will allow you to distinguish between your first number and your Multiple Number. This is great if you run two separate businesses from the same location. You can then answer the phone in the correct way for the necessary business.
Direct calls to the right area or user with an ‘automated attendant’ (eg- Press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts)
Host conference calls and join multiple internal & external callers into the same call. FAX TO EMAIL Receive faxes on your system which are converted to PDF files and sent to your email.
Transfer your existing phone number over to use on your hosted PBX system anywhere in the world.
Manually or automatically (timed) divert calls to a different number or message when outside of hours.

Specify a number of users on your cloud phone system to ring at the same time.
Never miss important calls by receiving voicemails directly to your email wherever you are.
Displays the number and name of person (if saved in phone book) of who’s calling.
Automatically divert all phone calls to another number in the event of an internet outage.
Want more?
If you are looking for more from your business phones check out our NBN Business Phones Bundles. These plans offer an array of NBN ready business phone system options are are perfect for business.

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