What to consider when ordering an NBN Phone Bundle?

All of our NBN phone bundles include an NBN data plan as well as an NBN ready phone handset. This is everything you need to be able to use the NBN for internet and make and receive calls. All plans also include unlimited local and national calls within Australia.

The NBN modem that is included as part of the plan supports Wifi and includes 4 ethernet ports to connect computers using a cable.

Some factors that you should consider when ordering:

  • Where will your modem be? You'll need to plug your NBN phones into the modem. If you order a cordless phone, the base station will plug into the modem and you can then charge the cordless handset anywhere within range. If you received NBN by FTTP, HFC or Fixed Wireless then NBN will come and install a NTD box inside your premises. This is where you will connect the modem. If you receive NBN by FTTN or FTTB then you will connect your NBN modem to the telephone wall socket.
  • Consider if you want desktop phones or cordless phones. Desktop phones must plug in via an ethernet cable to your NBN modem. Cordless phones just require the base station to be plugged in. This allows you to position the cordless phone elsewhere in your business without the need for cabling.
  • How many phones do you need? The bundle price includes 1 x NBN data connection + 1 x NBN ready phone handset. You can add additional phones to the plan for $29.95 per handset per month.
  • Do you require unlimited mobile calls? You can add this to the plan for $20 per handset per month.
  • Are there any other charges? Just a $14.95 per device postage and handling charge applies.

If you have any further questions regarding our NBN Phone Bundles please don't hesitate to get in touch or call us on 1800 733368.

Download your FREE Guide to the NBN

Download your FREE Guide to the NBN

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