What is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX (otherwise known as Hosted Voice) is a new and alternative approach to the traditional land line service. It is aimed at the Australian business market with calls being made and received using voice over internet technology. 

One of the biggest attractions to Hosted PBX is it provides a business with all the sophistication and functionality of a top-drawer phone system without the eye-watering investment. Users can enjoy features like auto-attendant, IVR,  external call transfer, call waiting, call forwarding, on-hold music and announcements and conference calls to name a few. 

The central phone system is financed, hosted, operated and maintained off-site by a third party to minimise cost, hassle and wasted office space. There are no large investment associated with IF Telecom Hosted Voice, just the cost of the handsets, and a monthly license fee to gain access to the features and benefits.

So how does the technology work? Well, without wanting to induce a deep sleep, a simplified explanation would go something like this:

When a person calls your business, instead of the call being routed directly to your office, it goes via the off-site phone system. The system then forwards the call on to your business via the internet and it’s answered at the extension of choice.

This all happens very quickly and without any disruptions or noticeable change to what you currently experience with your standard land line service. 

The key benefits to such a setup, other than the aforementioned increased functionality and call management efficiency, include massive financial savings, scalability, increased credibility, ease of use and geographical flexibility.  You can also have extensions in different parts of the world – operating on the same system. All inter-office calls are free as well!

So if you’re thinking of investing in a new phone system or upgrading your existing landline setup then Hosted PBX has to be worth consideration.

Businesses all over Australia are embracing Hosted PBX and are future-proofing their communications by taking the initiative and looking for the most up to date and cost efficient solution.

For more information on the More Telecom Hosted Voice solution visit our dedicated Hosted PBX page or call our sales team on 1800 More (1800733368) or fill in our contact form.

Alternatively, call your account manager today and ask for further information on our range of Hosted PBX options. We promise to provide expert advice in simple terms!

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