What happens at my business NBN appointment?

The NBN activation appointment will vary based on how NBN is delivered to your business. It’s important to know how NBN will be delivered so you know how to prepare and what will happen. If you are unsure of this it will be advised in the emails from More Telecom that are sent after an appointment date has been set for your activation.

FTTP Activations

FTTP (fibre to the premises) involves fibre being connected right into your property or business. If this is the first time you are having NBN connected to the property an NBN technician will attend site to complete the activation. They will install a box on the outside of the property, then usually drill through the wall and install equipment inside the property. It is important to consider where you wish them to install the equipment inside the property. You will plug the modem and any phones services into this equipment. NBN are supposed to provide up to 30 metres of fibre inside the property to position this equipment in a convenient location.

It’s important to be on site during the activation appointment to ensure the equipment is installed where YOU want it. Once the equipment is installed it is very difficult to get it moved.

The equipment installed by NBN will include 4 x Uni-D ports. You will connect your NBN router to one of these ports. The port will be advised by More Telecom in the NBN order completion email.

If you have already got NBN equipment installed in the business another site visit from NBN will not be required. We will simply activate the next available Uni-D port on your NBN equipment.

FTTN Activations

FTTN (fibre to the node) is where existing copper cables are used to connect your property or business to the NBN fibre network that is out in the street. Large green nodes are installed around a suburb and inside these nodes fibre optics cabling is connected to the existing copper network.

It is important that a convenient phone number has been provided for connection of your NBN service. You want to consider where the wall socket is for this phone number as you will be plugging in your modem and any phone services in at this location. More Telecom will require the phone number of this line, or in the case of a naked DSL service we will need the ULL reference from your naked DSL provider. The ULL ID is a 10 digit number that starts with the numbers 161.

Sometimes an NBN technician is required to access your premises for the installations and on other occasions this is not required. This will be detailed in the email confirming your appointment information.

HFC Activations

HFC activations involve an NBN technician attending site and connecting equipment inside your business. They will install an NTD (network termination device). You will then plug the router and any related voice services into this. If the business uses existing cable TV or internet services the NBN technician should install a splitter device. It’s important to ensure that they do as without this you will lose access to your previous services.

The NTD includes 1 Uni-D port. This is the port that you will connect your NBN ready router. The router will then provide Wifi for the business.

Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless connections involve an NBN technician attending your business and installing an NBN receiver on the side of you property. This is then connected to equipment installed inside the business. You will then connect your router to this equipment and plug in any phone services to this router.

It is important to consider where in the business you wish this equipment to be installed as after installation it is hard to get it moved. 


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Download your FREE Guide to the NBN

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