Update APN Settings in Netcomm

This page will contain information on how to update the APN (mobile data) settings in a Netcomm NL19ACV modem for use with our new Optus 4G mobile data SIM cards.

1) Open a web browser (eg. Chrome, Fiefox, Edge) and login to your Netcomm router by typing then press enter.


2) (note the MAC & serial numbers can be found on the back of the modem)
Username- admin
Password- admin followed by last 6 digits of MAC address. Eg. adminE579B2 (note letters in the MAC are capitals)

If the above password doesn't work, please try the the full serial number. Eg 944525185202495


3) After logging, in "Device Info" check the Software version


4) Latest Software - NL1901ACV.NC.AU-R6B028.EN

If the highlighted number is lower than 28 then we need to update the software. Please download the latest software from =>




5) Once downloaded please open your downloads folder, right click on the file & click "Extract All"


6) Log back in to your modem using step 1.
Go to Management>>Update Firmware >> select the downloaded latest firmware "NL1901ACV.NC.AU-R6B028.EN_upgrade" from your Downloads Folder and click on "Update Firmware"

Click OK in the popup window.

The file will upload and your modem will reboot.





7) Log back in to your modem using step 1.
Then go to
Go to Advanced Setup >>Mobile Broadband>>click Edit and update the cases sensitive APN setting to: om2mOPTUS


Then click Apply/Save and then reboot the modem using the On/Off button on the side.






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