Some tips to prepare for your NBN activation appointment.

1.Be ready for your business NBN activation appointment. Ensure that you are on site during the appointment time. You may need to make important decisions on where NBN equipment is installed in your business. If equipment is installed it is very difficult to get it moved after installation. You may wish to make plans in case something goes wrong during the NBN activation. While every effort is made by the NBN technician to get everything right there are occasions when something goes wrong. More Telecom will have pre-shipped your NBN modem and new phones ready for your NBN activation. However we recommend giving some thought to the unlikely scenario that internet may not work straight away during the transition to NBN. We would recommend having a backup internet device ready just in case. This may be a mobile phone that can be used in hotspot mode or a dongle device.

2.Consider where in your business you will want to have your NBN phones plugged in. All NBN phones will need to plug into the internet so you may require internal cabling ahead of positioning your phones in your business.

3.Speak with the More Telecom team about the advanced features that are available on the business NBN bundles. This includes auto attendant, music on hold and mobile ring.

4.Have you thought about having a phone at home? You may want the flexibility to not have to go into the office or shop on a particular day. By having an extension at home, you can still make and receive calls as if you are at work. The phone at home can be programmed so you can see when the team are on calls so you can help out if needed.

5.Set up Service Flags. Your business NBN bundle can give you the ability to set special service flags on the system. This means that calls can do different things based on the day or the week or time of day. Speak to the More Telecom team about getting this set up.

Download your FREE Guide to the NBN

Download your FREE Guide to the NBN

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