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Business Ethernet

Ethernet Over Copper

  • Legacy copper service
  • Up to 100/100Mbps speeds
  • Unlimited data
  • Guaranteed speed
  • High level SLAs
  • 24x7 carrier support
  • Service qualification required
  • Final price on application


Critical Information Summary

Enterprise Ethernet NBN

Enterprise Grade NBN

  • End-to-end fibre
  • Wide Australian coverage
  • Free installations available
  • Up to 1000/400Mbps speeds
  • Service qualification required
  • High level SLAs
  • NBN traffic class 2
  • Final price on application


Critical Information Summary

Business Fibre1000

Dedicated TPG Fibre

  • 1Gbps symmetrical speeds
  • 1:1 Contention ratio
  • Unlimited data
  • Speed guaranteed
  • Dedicated fibre
  • 24/7 Carrier support
  • Free Installation on some sites
  • Service Qualification required.


Critical Information Summary

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Business Only Provider

We specialise in business

7 Day Technical Support

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Onsite Installation

We can arrange installation

High Speeds Available

Speeds up to 210Mbps available in some areas

No Contract Options

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No setup fees

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Unlimited Data

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Business Ethernet Service Qualification

We must complete a qualification check to determine what service(s) can be delivered to your business. In order to complete this we require your business address and ideally a Telstra PSTN telephone number at the address. After this is performed we can advise what exchange your business is connected to and what business grade Internet services are available. We can also advise what guaranteed speeds are available. Please include your business address and telephone number when enquiring for a service and we can get the service qualification check done ahead of getting back to you.

Installation Requirements

There are a number of requirements to consider when ordering a business grade Ethernet service:

There needs to be sufficient lead in capacity to your building to carry the business grade service. This is the amount of copper running into your building. If you are already using all available telephone lines then you may need to upgrade the lead in. We can provide advice on this. Note that this is not appliacble for a business grade service delivered by Telstra fibre.

There must be sufficient capacity of copper in the street to deliver the business grade Internet service. The amount of copper in the street will not be investigated until the order has been submitted and progressed to service build. If there is a shortfall of copper capacity in the street this may lead to difficulties in delivering your business grade service. Note that this is not appliacble for a business grade service delivered by Telstra fibre.

There must be sufficient internal cabling to carry the service from the MDF of your building to your communications rack where you want the business grade Ethernet to reside.

Business Fibre Service Qualification

A service qualification (SQ) check must be completed to determine what service(s) can be delivered to your business. For this to be completed we require your business address and ideally a standard telephone number at the address. After the SQ is performed we can confirm what business fibre services are available to you. We can also advise what maximum speeds are available. When leaving us an enquiry please ensure your business address and telephone number are included so we can get the service qualification check done straight away..

Speed Guarantee

Fibre services come with a guaranteed speed and this is confirmed at the time of ordering and during the SQ check. As fibre is delivered right into your business high speeds can be delivered. These are not affected by distance from the exchange or the quality of copper in your area. This is great news and a strong reason to order a business fibre internet connection..

1:1 Contention Ratio

All of our business grade fibre internet services are provided with a 1:1 contention ratio. The contention ratio refers to the number of users that can access the internet bandwidth used for your business fibre service. The greater the number, the greater the number of users that can consume the bandwidth at any one time. A 1:1 contention ratio ensures that bandwidth is guaranteed for your fibre service and it is not shared with other customers compromising your service..

Fibre 1000 supports up to 4 Services

You can utilise the 1000Mbps and share this across up to 4 ports on the NTD. This means you can separate traffic between Internet, Voice Services, VPN/Point-to-Point and Cloud Services. This includes private links to Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS as well as many other 3rd party service providers..

Unmetered Data Allowance

Our fibre internet services include unlimited data usage. This means that you can use as much data as you like at any time of day or night..

24x7 Dedicated Support

We have a dedicated team available should you need us..

Service Level Agreements

Our business grade fibre internet services include a service level guarantee. Fast fault reporting and resolution timeframes are applicable with the carriers and they understand that these services have a mission critical need for the Internet..

FREE Installations

Depending upon the contract length that is suitable for your business, free installations are available on most 36 or 48 month agreements. We can still provide these services over a shorter timeframe however 12 and 24 month contracts attract an installation fee. Please see the crititcal information summaries for more information..

Fast Uploads and Downloads

All business grade fibre internet services have symmetrical speeds for upload and download. This is great for cloud services and other essential business applications..

Great for the Cloud

Your cloud experience is only as good as the business grade Internet connection that is used to power it. For multiple users to access the cloud reliably and with a great experience and business grade fibre connection is really required...

Great for VOIP

Business grade fibre allows for VOIP services to be carried with great quality..

Hosted Services

Business grade fibre is perfect for a business that hosts on site servers and other applications. Users accessing these servers remotely will benefit from the high upload speed that comes with these services..

Installation Requirements

There are a number of requirements to consider when ordering a business grade fibre service:.

In most cases your building will need to be connected to one of our carriers fibre networks. This can be confirmed during an SQ check. In some cases a carrier may offer to connect your building depending on where it is in relation to their existing network..

You will need a business grade router to control and authenticate the fibre service. We recommend the Dreytek Vigor 2860 although any WAN router should suffice. Consideration should be give, especially when ordering high speed services as to how you will manage the traffic and we can provide advice on this if required..


1Gbps Fibre Internet.

Fibre 1000 is quickly rolling out across all major cities in Australia by national carrier TPG. More Telecom now provides this 1Gbps business fibre service from as little as $799*/month – including unlimited data and free connection on a 48 month plan. Backed by 24/7 carrier support this service is perfect for your mission critical internet requirements..

A user can choose to allocate the 1000Mbps as a single service – like unlimited internet – or can split it up for use with up to 4 services. This can include internet, VOIP and access to a multitude of 3rd party providers like AWS or Microsoft Azure..

Our team of professional IT specialists are able to assist in installation and configuration to your existing network. A managed router option is also available.

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