• Alarm Monitoring

    Alarm Monitoring

    Back to base alarm

    • Logs every arm/disarm
    • 24/7/365 monitoring
    • Smart Phone App
    • Connected to existing system

    $49.95 per month

    plus $299 installation

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    NBN Ready

    With the age of NBN, all tranditional telephone and internet services will cease to work. Most alarm monitoring services utilise a traditional telephone line to communicate with the back to base monitoring centre. Our alarm monitoring does not require a tranditional telephone line and so is completely ready for the NBN.

    Connects to your existing alarm system

    If you have an existing alarm system our alarm monitoring equipment connects to it. Our nationwide installation team will be able to utilise your existing system and provide state of the art alarm monitoring service via this system.

    No need for a phone line

    As our system utilises SIM card technology there is no need for a tranditional telephone line. This can save you $40+ per month and is a great way to save money.

    No expensive 13/1300 calls

    Most tranditional alarm monitoring services make an expensive 1300 call every time they communicate with the alarm monitoring centre. With this system there are no expensive calls and all communication costs are included in the monthly price.

    Monitor every arm/disarm

    Our system will monitor every arm and disarm of your security alarm system and trigger alerts from the monitoring centre if required or during certain hours.

    Control via a smartphone app

    Gone are the days of forgetting to set the alarm and having to make that late night trip back to work. With this state of the art system you can control your alarm service from your very own phone using the smartphone app.


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