Fibre 400

    400/400Mbps Speeds

    • High Speed Internet Solution
    • 1:1 Contention Ratio
    • Guaranteed Bandwidth
    • 24x7 Dedicated Support
    • Available in Fibre 400 enabled buildings
    • Free installation on 36 month contract

    $449.00 per month

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    Telstra Fibre

    Up to 1000/1000Mbps Speeds

    • High Speed Internet Solution
    • 1:1 Contention Ratio
    • Guaranteed Bandwidth
    • 24x7 Dedicated Support
    • Nationwide Coverage (SQ Check Required)
    • Free installation on 36 month contract


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    SHDSL Service Qualification

    We must complete a qualification check to determine what service(s) can be delivered to your business. In order to complete this we require your business address and ideally a Telstra PSTN telephone number at the address. After this is performed we can advise what exchange your business is connected to and what business grade Internet services are available. We can also advise what guaranteed speeds are available. Please include your business address and telephone number when enquiring for a service and we can get the service qualification check done ahead of getting back to you.

    Speed Guarantee

    There are a number of factors that can influence the maximum speed that can be guaranteed on a business grade Internet service. These factors include the distance you are from the telephone exchange, the amount of copper available in the street, the quality of copper in the street and technology at your local exchange. After a service qualification check the carrier will provide a speed that they are happy to guarantee. If after the business grade Internet service is installed the carrier is not able to achieve the speed that they have guaranteed then they will offer to remove the service at no charge. Alternatively they will advise the maximum available speed that they can gain and give you the option to keep the service. Please note that speed guarantee's are not available on the Up to 10Mbps/10Mbps service provided at TPG enabled exchanges.

    1:1 Contention Ratio

    All of our business SHDSL services are provided with a 1:1 contention ratio. A contention ratio refers to the number of potential users that can access the bandwidth used for your business Internet service. The higher the number, the higher the number of users that can consume the bandwidth. A 1:1 contention ratio means that bandwidth is guaranteed for your Internet service and it is not shared with anyone else meaning you receive an uncompromised service.

    Unmetered Uploads

    With our business grade SHDSL services we do not count the data that you upload. This means that if you are using the business SHDSL service to upload a lot of data, this will not count towards your monthly data allowance. Great for users of on-site systems that are being accessed from outside your premises over the SHDSL service.

    24x7 Dedicated Support

    Our dedicated support team is on hand should anything go wrong.

    Service Level Agreements

    Our business grade SHDSL services are backed by service level guarantees. Fast fault reporting and resolution timeframes are applicable with the carriers who understand that the service has a mission critical need for the Internet.

    FREE Installations

    Depending upon the carrier that we use to provide your service we can either offer free installations on a 24 month or 36 month contract. We have options for 12, 24 and 36 month contracts on all business grade SHDSL services. 12 month contracts attract an installation fee. Speak to our business Internet specialists and they can recommend the best solution for your needs.

    Installation Requirements

    There are a number of requirements to consider when ordering a business grade SHDSL service:

    1. There needs to be sufficient lead in capacity to your building to carry the business grade service. This is the amount of copper running into your building. If you are already using all available telephone lines then you may need to upgrade the lead in. We can provide advice on this. Note that this is not appliacble for a business grade service delivered by Telstra fibre.

    2. There must be sufficient capacity of copper in the street to deliver the business grade Internet service. The amount of copper in the street will not be investigated until the order has been submitted and progressed to service build. If there is a shortfall of copper capacity in the street this may lead to difficulties in delivering your business grade service. Note that this is not appliacble for a business grade service delivered by Telstra fibre.

    3. There must be sufficient internal cabling to carry the service from the MDF of your building to your communications rack where you want the business grade SHDSL to reside.


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    Fast Uploads and Downloads

    All business grade SHDSL services have symmetrical upload and download speeds. That mean you get fast uploads and downloads. A standard ADSL connection has a maximum of 20Mbps download and 1Mbps download speed. Due to this service being delivered over 1 copper wire into your business, a lot of users would see speeds significantly lower than 20Mbps download, and then significantly less than 1Mbps upload. A 20Mbps/20Mbps business grade Internet service means that you will get that day and night regardless of other traffic on the network.

    Great for the Cloud

    Some say that your Cloud experience is only as good as the business grade Internet connection that is used to access it. If you have multiple users accessing remote systems continuous then a standard ADSL or ADSL2+ service simply cannot keep up with the job. Business grade SHDSL provides fast upload and download speeds so that data transfer to and from the Cloud is smooth and reliable. Often losing access to the Cloud can bring an office to a standstill. Relying on an ADSL service for mission critical Internet access is not good enough when business have so much reliance on the Internet.

    Great for VOIP

    Our business grade SHDSL Internet services are perfect when you want to run business VOIP phones. The synchronised upload and download speeds mean that you could run 100+ VOIP phones using one of our business grade SHDSL services. We have all heard a VOIP phone running on a poor Internet connection. When properly configured with a business grade SHDSL service, those scratchy calls will be a thing of the past.

    Hosted Services

    If your business hosts servers or specialist on site computer equipment that is accessed remotely then a service with a high upload speed is critical. You may have a sales team that accesses your on premise CRM. Without a robust synchronised business grade Internet service you will likely experience slow speeds when accessing data remotely. A business grade SHDSL service can transform your onsite hosted services.


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